Diddy to Executive Produce “Biggie” Biopic

13 08 2007
Biggie Smalls
Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls

Oh man, I really believe that B.I.G. just rolled over in his grave, and Faith Evans is somewhere mournfully singing “I’ll Be Missing You” (which I HATED BTW) on a corner…

Longtime friend and business associate of the Notorious B.I.G., Sean “Diddy” Combs, has signed on to executive produce an upcoming biographical film about the slain rapper. As previously reported, producers of the untitled film commenced an open casting call this past Sunday (August 12) in order to find a suitable actor to portray the legendary MC. According to Variety, Fox Searchlight Films has also selected George Tillman Jr., who helmed such films as Soul Food and Men of Honor, to direct the film. “We know he will make a brilliant movie and show the true humanity of Christopher Wallace’s character,” said Fox president of production Claudia Lewis of Tillman. Also producing the project are Biggie’s former managers Mark Pitts and Wayne Barrow, and the rapper’s mother Voletta Wallace. Production is set to begin in the fall.


Ugh, I just really really don’t believe this even warrants a movie. Seriously. Sure, I am big B.I.G. fan, but really, I don’t think I could sit through 2 hours of a biopic about BIGGIE. Come on ya’ll! “Ray” — sure, but even THAT ish was too long. Biopics should be reserved for people who have made a profound impact over music in GENERAL…that’s just my $.02.

However, someone will watch this. The same people who think that Tupac is still alive. Boy stop!

I suggest for the title role:

Sean Kingston
Sean Kingston

ROFL. Let me quit. Diddy just want to put himself in the movie, that’s all. I bet you his tail have 4 cameos. Makes me sick!

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13 08 2007

i agree with u all the way. now I know people are still mourning about “the greatest rapper ever” and yadda yadda yadda, but really. do we need to sit through another installment of what we already know? I mean. FOREAL. would biggie still be the greatest rapper alive if he was still alive? I’m not seeing the connection. and no I am not a hater…this is just my 2cents.

btw I’m dead at the title role being played by lil biggie..lmao!

13 08 2007

diddy had biggie killed and he needs to stop pimping out/living off his memory. can the man rest in peace now? good grief! mrs. wallace needs to be sue mr. take that take that.

14 08 2007
Beyaki finally laughs

I would have to agree with yall.Diddy is such a divo he make my stomach hurt!

14 08 2007

Pishaw! Diddy have a cameo? No. Diddy will be playing himself.

Lord have mercy on all that is good and holy.

14 08 2007

^^^They slippin and trippin on their pimpin! They should know Diddy gon’ play himself . Kingston probably could get away with the role if he would put some bass in his voice and get rid of the wack accent. It’s absolutely terrible and unbelieveable at best.

14 08 2007

“We know he will make a brilliant movie and show the true humanity of Christopher Wallace’s character,”
I wonder if they’re gonna show how he used beat Kim’s and Faith’s ass! FUCK BIGGIE!!! That’s my word! And FUCK BIG PUN while you at it!!!!!!!!!! Greatest rapper or not, I have no love or respect for men that beat women!!!

14 08 2007
Beyaki _________

^ I didn’t even know he use to hit on Faith.Uhhhhh uhhhhhh!

I was looking at the Sky’s The Limit video and little biggie kind of looked like and older version of you guessed it Sean Kingston.

14 08 2007

I can’t call Diddy, Diddy because i hate that new monochre. I’ll call him Puffy…like his big ole forehead. @Girl I been saying that ever since Puffy tapped danced through Biggie’s part in the “all about the benjamin’s” video and this was a month after his death. Here he goes again tap dancing on the memory of Biggie.

To tell you the truth I can’t believe Ms Wallace is going ahead with this mess. I mean she just let’s Puffy just do what he wants in regards to Biggie. I’m glad Tupac’s mother is more tasteful when it comes her son’s image and what is released in his name.

14 08 2007

Didn’t Ms. Wallace sue Puffy (JaQueen, you know… I be wantin’ to call that boy PUFF MU’FU**** DADDY to his face) for some stuff having to do with Biggie?

14 08 2007

Yup he used to beat Faith, Kim, and Charli Baltimore! A lot of men in the public eye beat on women, but nobody talks about it. I first took notice after seeing Lil Kim’s Driven on vh1 and then reading an article in Vibe back in 2005 called “Rap’s Blacke Eye”. I found the article for you if you care to read it, it’s really long, but it’s worth the read. Here’s the address: http://www.vibe.com/news/magazine_features/2005/02/vibe_magazine_love_hurts_raps_black_eye/

14 08 2007

Wow thanks for the link that really opened up my eyes and it really discouraged I can’t believe that fat f*ck Fat Joe believed that Rios deserved to be beat by Big Pun….sh*t is crazy SMH

14 08 2007
Ms. Bipolar Anigma Jones

WOW, that article was crazy. Men who beat women get NO love from me. After reading that article, im going to be throwing out some of my cds.

15 08 2007


15 08 2007

I know right! When I first read that article back then I was so shocked and appauled that he said that! And what about Cuban Link, how could he just stand by and do nothing while she got beat with A PIPE??!! How about take the baby, PUT THE BABY DOWN, AND GO BACK AND STOP THAT SHIT!!

15 08 2007

SORRY, I meant afrogenetics.

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